Organic Markets in Trogir and Ciovo

Organic Markets in Trogir and Ciovo

We like to post about the organic markets in Trogir and Ciovo every now and again. It’s a treat.

The market in Trogir has everything you need for cooking in and the bonus is that everything is organic. The fruit and veg is of a different quality in Croatia, no joking, everything just seems to taste better. You could nearly buy a handful of beef tomatoes, put them on the heat and have a beautiful tasting soup half an hour later. Well not quite but it’s a start at describing the quality of the produce in Croatia. A good stock you’ll find in the supermarkets is “Vegeta” (You’ll find it in a blue air tight package).

You’ll find everything from bananas to passion fruits, fresh flowers to figs to alcohol.  The sellers offer an array of cooking oils which are to die for so we highly recommend these. They have some of the most amazing cherries and you’ll get a large bag (1 Kilo) of them for 30 Kuna (€3/€4).

Right beside the market in Trogir you’ll find a number of butchers with meats, fish etc. The veal and beeftek (fillet steak) are some of our guests favourites. Also a fish market is located across the street. It’s advisable to arrive early morning to get a good choice of the best pieces. It opens as early as 6am.

Happy Eating!

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