Croatia - When will they use Euro as currency?

So when will Croatia adopt the Euro as their currency?  While there isn’t a specific timeframe, Croatia’s government has adopted a new strategy that should see the Euro implemented in the coming 5 years.  This new strategy sets out the costs for switching to the euro and the economic benefits, while also confirming the process that will be followed, although no commitment to the timeframe is officially made.

Many small businesses in Croatia had debts denominated in euros before EU accession. Croatian people already use the euro for most savings and many informal transactions. Real estate, motor vehicle and accommodation prices are mostly quoted in euros.

Our guests ask us a lot about what currency to bring and for the moment the Kuna is widely used in restaurants, bars and tourists spots in Croatia.  You can exchange Euro and other currencies in commission free booths which can be cost effective (as long as you don’t loose the cash while travelling).  

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