Boat Rental in Croatia - Brac, Hvar, Blue Lagoon

We are thrilled to announce our new venture with a local Croatian boating team where we can help arrange some truly spectacular boat trips around the Split region.  Vlado and Josipa, the owners of the Invictus speed boat, can offer some excellent trips to islands that are only accessible by boat. Invictus boats are dedicated to beauty, comfort, performance and excitement. 

You can rent the boat for private use or book a skipper for the day.  You can take in the stunning Blue Lagoon (pictured below), Hvar, Brac and wherever else takes your fancy.  One of the more popular options includes a stop at one of the only naturally sandy beaches in the region where, moored 150m from the shore, you can swim in the turquoise water to the warm sandy beach.  You can stop off for drinks and food along the way in secluded little towns and take in the natural beauty of the area. 

Vlado and Josipa, both natives of the area, will assist your tailor made experience and ensure you hit all the hot spots along your route. They have in-depth local knowledge and years of experience in the tourist industry. Vlado grew up on the water learning to sail and fish from a very young age and he, and his team, know the waters very well. 

We had the pleasure of experience a boat trip in September 2016 and can’t recommend it enough. Vlado and Josipa get a full 5 stars from us! 

For enquires please contact us -

Invictus from the sky

Moored overlooking the city of Split

Blue Lagoon

Lots of space and comfort

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? :)

Travelling to Croatia - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the properties located?  

Our various apartments are situated on the island of Ciovo in Split, Croatia

Where are the nearest airports?

Split airport is 8 Kilometers away

The journey from the airport to the apartments takes 15 minutes drive.

Zadar airport is also accessible.  The drive down from Zadar takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

How far is the beach?

All of our properties have a beach within 300 meters.  There are lots of beaches to explore in the immediate area. Let us know your favourite.

Our guests love Duga, the secluded bays beside the apartments and the main beach on Ciovo.  There are many to choose from.

How far is the centre of Split?

It’s inexpensive to get the bus to Split (couple of euro) and takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour.  

What islands are easily accessible?

The island like Brac and Hvar are reached by ferry within a couple of hours.  The cost is about 15 euro to go by ferry.

There are tons of little islands in the immediate area of Ciovo.  Many boat tours will take you to them.

We can arrange private boat trips.

Is there parking at the properties?

Yes all of our properties have free parking

Is there a BBQ?

Some of our properties have a large shared BBQ.  Apartments Susie, Anna, Ellie and Paulina all have one for use.  The block at Christina does not allow the use BBQ’s.

Are your properties pet friendly?

We welcome well behaved pets in our apartments Anna, Ellie, Susie and Paulina.  Do let us know about the animal in advance.  Very large dogs or other big animals are not allowed.

Do you have any apartments with a swimming pool? 

Yes here is the link - PENTHOUSE CHRISTINA

How much for a pick up from airport to accommodation? 

About 200 Kuna - 25 - 30 Euro

How much is car hire approximately? 

Try the comparison site WWW.SKYSCANNER.NET for some of the best rates. The rate usually starts about 25 euro per day and increases in the high season.  Book as early as possible for the best rates.

What amenities are in the immediate area?

Quad biking, Tennis, River Rafting, Inflatable Water Playground for Children, Island Hopping Tours, Wine Tasting, Snorkeling, Body Surfing, Banana Boat, Water Skiing, Boat Rental, Scooter Rental, Bike Rental, Pool, Snooker

Where is the nearest village?

Ciovo village is only 10 minutes away by foot.  There you will find two supermarkets, an ATM, a post office, fruit/veg market, doctor, dentist, tourist office, chemist, cafe bar with arcade games, kiosk, hairdressers, beauty salon, bakery, massage, restaurants and a church (where you can park also)

Is the sea warm? 

Yes temps are perfect for swimming from May - October

Prior to May and after October can be a bit chilly but doable for the brave :)

Is eating out cheap do they use the euro? 

Yes meals are very reasonable - they use Kuna currency.  Euro is not widely accepted

What is the currency of Croatia?

The local currency is the Kuna and some places may accept the Euro but please note you will get a better exchange rate if you make purchases in the local currency.

Are Credit & Debit Cards accepted?

Most are widely accepted, although if you are dining in a small local restaurant always best to check before ordering, it may be safer to pay in cash with Kuna. Please check with your credit/debit card supplier regarding charges for foreign currency transactions before you travel.

Remember to notify your card supplier that you will be using your card(s) in a different country as this will prevent erroneous fraud reporting and possible failed transactions.

Will I be understood?

Whilst Croatian is the main language, English is widely spoken.

How much is it to eat out?

Prices vary dependent upon where you select to eat.  Expect to pay in the region of  €20.00 per person,  can be less if you opt for the local ‘dish of the day’, will be more if you opt for 5 star or a ‘famous ’restaurant.

How much is a beer?

Approximately 2 euro - karlovacho is superb

How much are spirits?

The well known brands are similar prices to UK/Ireland, perhaps a little bit cheaper.  However the domestic brands are very good quality and are inexpensive - a couple of euro approx.

Do I need a Visa ?

Members of the EU, US, Australian, New Zealand , Canadian and Japanese citizens don’t require a visa.  For other nationalities, check with your local Croatian Embassy.

Can I drink the water?

Yes, tap water is drinkable throughout Croatia.

What’s the electricity set up?

The power grid is 220V, frequency 50 HZ.  European adaptor required.

Will my mobile work?

Croatia is linked to most mobile services.  GPRS is also widely available.

What is the number for emergency services?

The number to call for an emergency is 112.

Where is the nearest Doctor?

There is a doctors surgery in Ciovo village, opening times are on the wall outside the entrance.

Where is the nearest Dentist?

There is a dentist surgery in Ciovo village (located at the same place as the doctors).

Where is the nearest hospital?

There is a medical centre in Trogir and a hospital in Split.

Will I need to have vaccinations?

None are compulsory


In common with warm countries worldwide, you will find mosquitos.  We recommend that you take the appropriate repellent/cream.  Although if you forget, these are readily available in any Croatian pharmacy.

Croatian Holiday - Avoiding Booking Fees

Croatian Holiday - Avoiding Booking Fees

Nobody likes having to pay extra for their holiday.  Lots of listing sites on the internet charge a traveler’s fee of at least 6% but by booking direct with owners you waive this charge.

So if you or any of your family/friends ever want to avoid this fee you are always welcome to contact me directly to book. We always love to have a returning guest and would also like to offer a discount on any booking which you can extend to friends/family :)

As shown in the photographs, we’ve made many upgrades and improvements since we had our first guests in 2004.  ​ We continue to make annual upgrades and improvements. Year on year we have updated our properties so please check out our new website and view all our self catering apartments at

If Croatia is on your sights for the future get in touch with me, I’m always happy to help with your plans.

Wishing you all the very best for summer 2017.

Alison McDonnell  +353 86 8018264 (Mobile Ireland)
+385 99 6746616 (Mobile Croatia) 


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